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I have been grooming dogs professional for 26 years after a career on Wall Street for 8 years and before that art and fashion. Pottery and painting were 2 skills I excelled in which have been my base in creating correctly sculpted patterns in the pure bred Fancy

I specialize in the Art of the Hand Plucked Terrier group- including other breeds that have wire jackets such as Brussels Griffons and PBGVs. Primarily I do private residential consulting and grooming in the great city of Manhattan where I am the only person who is the resident specialist. My clients are extremely discerning and varied but devoted to their animals.


NY School of Dog Grooming (still owned by the Kohls then)

certified pet groomer

Apprenticed under the great Ric Chashoudian, and other professional dog handlers and breeders from 1991- 1994 - nationally

Professional Order Trader for Merrill Lynch1980-1987

Fleisher School of Art Philadelphia, Pa - water colorist

Sumi Drawing @ New Paltz continuing Ed

Burlington Co Vo Tech- graphic art


Hand Plucked terriers- Wire Fox

Experience: 25 years in private practice



Splish Splash video tutorial

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AKC Dog Shows and Teaching Pet grooming

Past/present Clients:

Over 800 private clients in the past 25 years many of which are still with me on their 2nd and 3rd dogs

-private clients are not available but reviews can be seen at terrierific.net


At this stage of my career, my greatest interest is teaching pet owners and professional groomers how to upgrade their skills in handling the pure bred breed that they are interacting with. Grooming is one of the best ways to build up a relationship with a pet. Correct grooming of a breed is important for the health and beauty of the dog. I enjoy teaching people how and watching them build their skills and pride in the business, along with owners who feel more confident in recognizing the correctness of their own breed. My mentor showed me that a good teacher builds good relationships for life.

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