No Such Thing As A Free Lunch…(or dog)

rescue vs breeder

By ElizaBeth Cronk
Published: Mar 11, 2014 07:35 PM GMT / 
Updated: Mar 11, 2014 07:35 PM GMT

Every year at the dog shows they begin by saying that no dog shown in an AKC Sanctioned show is bought from a pet store but from a reputable breeder. This is good. If you have a clue as to the real state of dogdom you also know the amount of dogs in shelters and rescue is astronomical. In Pet stores there is no one overseeing the average pet buyers ability to handle the breed they are buying or educating them or insisting they themselves do some research- just the Ka-Ching of the cash register. Just forget about any follow through once you go through the door, puppy dog tails and all.

Even though I have been in pure bred fancy my whole career I have learned the sad facts of this the hard way and seen the disasters way too many times. I no longer buy pure bred dogs- I only rescue. It has nothing to do with the money either. The last 3 dogs I have rescued, while not costing anything other than a donation to the organizations that pull these dogs from fates worse than or absolute death and just plain sob stories, I have had to spend lots of cash on medical treatment, training and other accouterment. If I had to pay to maintain the grooming and cleaning of these breeds, I would be in for a yearly cash outlay of several thousands of dollars annually.

That said, I would have to do that for many breeds anyway, including so called designer mutts, altho why anyone would pay to buy a designer mutt galls me no end when the shelters are full of them. Before you ask me about a breed that's right for you, ask yourself if you have the money and time it takes to own a dog. To feed it, to groom it (the biggest ordinary expense most people don't count on), medical bills, dog walkers if you work all day, kennels if you travel a lot. Those a just a few things that are absolutes you MUST factor in the price of owning a dog. Once you get them they are yours to love and cherish but most of all, your responsibility. They will love you any way you treat them, but it sures feels better to know you are treating them as well as they love you.

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